Hi, My name is Heather , I'm 26 and a Full Time Artist from Florida. I created and licensed Heatherskiesss LLC. in 2019. Heatherskiesss creates Resin Decor including Wall Art, Figurines, Rolling Tray, Portals and much more. I started this company after leaving my job because I'm chronically ill, Art at first was a hobby that quickly became my #1 passion. Art gave me a wonderful new way to express myself as well as giving me the opportunity to make a living at home. My art is mostly inspired by nature and magic, as well as my innermost dreams. Thank you to everyone that chooses to support me and my art, you all truly make all my dreams come true. https://twitter.com/Heatherskiesss

About Us

    Shop Policies

    Processing Time

    Orders take 3-5 Business Days to ship. Follow my Twitter @Heatherskiesss to stay updated. I ship primarily to the US, However I can ship internationally just please send me a email if interested.   





    Returns/ Cancellation Policy.


    Please contact us at Heatherbillington77@gmail.com if your product arrives damaged, you need to cancel a order, or any other issues.


    Damaged item can be returned. Refunds will only be processed if your package comes damaged/broken. Heatherskiesss does not refund lost orders. Once USPS has your package it is no longer in my control, and you will have to contact USPS directly for a inquiry.